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One of the leading companies in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, Surgital is a benchmark in the production and distribution of top-quality frozen fresh pasta. It came to Life with an exciting and challenging brief: to give a wider public direct access to the expertise it has gained in frozen products. Basically, to launch the brand onto the mass retail market.

 My pleasure! communicate efficiently

The greatest hurdle was to overcome great diffidence towards the product: Italian consumers view frozen foods with distrust, they doubt their quality and the only benefit they are willing to concede is that they are quick to prepare. But the actual qualities of Surgital products - wholesomeness, quality and ease of preparation – together with an analysis

of global trends and market and consumer behaviour data led Life to identify a gap in the market, where a new and appealing range of products that catered to the needs of the specific target group would have a precise role and distinctive space. This is when we really entered into action: how do you create a brand, carve out a unique position and communicate effectively?

My pleasure! the history

Life and Surgital set up a joint working group which analysed qualitative and quantitative market data, tasted products, contributed to the creation and production of the range and held lengthy discussions. This think-tank consisted of members of in-house departments, external partners, potential consumers and buyers who confirmed, rejected and reconstructed every detail in the thought and strategical process.


This process resulted in the development of a range of frozen ready meals called Piacere Mio!® and the definition of the name, positioning and brand identity.

PiacereMio! pack e storytelling

Piacere Mio!® is intended to be more than just a good, tasty meal: it is a moment of wellbeing, ready to take the market by storm because it is precisely that wellbeing which is missing in our lives today. The packaging and storytelling focused on helping consumers rediscover the pleasure of good food, even when pressed for time, like a quick lunch, or when they are in need 

of comfort food, communicating the excellence and provenance of the ingredients in each product, the quality and freshness that deep freezing guarantees and meals that offer rich, tasty, traditional and gourmet cooking all rolled into one.


Life provided the sales force with communication material prepared ad hoc for events such as the 19th CIBUS food exhibition, and created the brand’s digital identity with a digital marketing and content strategy that involved all touchpoints, from the website to social media. It analysed data and objectives to strike the right balance between communication desires and consumer interests.

Once it had achieved reach and brand awareness, Life promoted the Piacere Mio! taste experience® with a dedicated communication campaign. The aim was to make each aspect of communication as effective as possible by looking for alternative and intelligent solutions to heighten visibility in a market that was already saturated by the overwhelming presence of the main players.