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Life guided the company throughout the process of building the Piacere Mio!® brand, starting by researching and analysing the target market. The result of this research, namely the insights which emerged, led to the development of the entire range of products and the definition of its positioning and brand identity.

Market survey PiacereMio!

The first step was a quantitative survey - using Nielsen data - and the acquisition of a database which enabled us to study trends and volumes. With a more in-depth analysis of consumer trends, we identified the competitors and confirmed that growth in the sector was at a standstill. How many consumers purchase frozen ready meals? How many of them have a microwave? Using the large GFK TSSP map, we

identified the target group and its purchasing habits: members of the group cared about their health and, by extension, the provenance of the food they bought. They were, however, also willing to treat themselves to a moment of culinary pleasure when quality was guaranteed. Testing was conducted on two focus groups representing the target audience, one in Rome and one in Milan, made up mainly of young students and workers, single people and couples with grown-up children.


We used the data we had gathered to begin developing brand positioning and brand identity. It was at this point that the name Piacere Mio!® was proposed for the single-portion frozen ready meals, a wide range combining innovation and Italian tradition. It is a superior offering, a moment of pleasure that wins over consumers due to its convenience as well as the actual product.

PiacereMio! pack

We decided to give Piacere Mio!® a highly recognisable and lively identity: although the logo has no immediate connection with the world of food, it brings the consumer into direct contact with the product. It presents the food but, at the same time, captures our attention, “winning over” our target audience with the promise of a moment of delicious wellbeing.

Our idea was to create a range which used seasonal produce, offering appealing ingredients and flavours which changed throughout the year, so for the initial launch we studied and developed the first range of ready meals to cater to all palates. We took three traditional dishes and three popular recipes and revisited them with delicious, inviting, gourmet ingredients.