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The aim of the media planning for the launch of Piacere Mio!® was to create a platform to build brand awareness, using tactical tools that would encourage consumers to try the new product, choosing it for both the convenience and quality it offered.

A functional and incisive strategy

Distribution in the mass retail sector is patchy in Italy and the frozen food industry is dominated by competitors with a strong media presence - meaning that Piacere Mio!® had to achieve notoriety in a short space of time. This was the landscape and the challenges we had to face as we set out to find the most functional and effective strategy.


By processing GFK TSSP Sinottica data, we were able to identify the social, demographic and psychographical trends of our target group and their habits as regards advertising messages and communication media.

Television emerged as the only form of media able to guarantee reach to the target audience, ensuring the proper understanding of the message, illustrating the product and its usage, and conveying the brand positioning.

Following negotiations with different television stations, it was decided to schedule two flights on TV, each with a duration of 30 and 15 seconds, that would air at the busiest times when the product was consumed on the Discovery group channels, establishing commercial and contractual conditions that were highly advantageous for the company.

First flight

from 12 April to 30 May 2020


contacts in the target range
35-64 years


gross contacts

60% reach to target audience, with a frequency of 11.

Second flight
from 11 to 14 October and from 1 to 14 November 2020


ads on Discovery group channels


GRPs on the focus target group 35-64 years

 Correct memorization of the advertising message

The plan had an affinity index of 120 on the Italian population, reaching nearly 63 million contacts in the target group and 52% of adults aged 35-64, with a frequency of 5, ensuring the message was correctly received.