Sojasun Italy, plant-based food becomes a lifestyle choice

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Life was enlisted to restyle the brand image of the well-known French food brand, working primarily on its digital strategy, focussing on all the social media touchpoints and official communication channels.

The brief? To consolidate those members of the public who were already faithful to the brand by making its assets even clearer, adopt a more modern and competitive register for communication and enrich sentiment by widening the reference audience. How did we do it? By doing what we do best: thinking out of the box.


Starting with the tagline, Mangia vegetale, vivi positivo (Eat plant-based food, live positive), we decided to shift the reference sector from food to lifestyle and wellbeing. This decision allowed us to identify new consumer groups - people who were curious about the plant-based diet and willing to try it as part of their lifestyle – and to connect with new worlds

We modernised the image and introduced a new tone of voice, going for a bright, creative and appealing approach that was more motivating for our target group and helped the brand emerge on the plant-based food market which was already crowded with competitors.


The channel of choice for this new visual narrative was obviously social media: the Facebook page was flooded with new content - animated posts, gifs, videos and editorial features – thanks to several contributors who created recipes, tips, features on ingredients and lifestyle tips. 

The colour palette was radically changed to match the brand’s new image. In the new version we chose bright, vibrant colours, we decided to use a more editorial style for the images, like that found in today’s cooking magazines, and produced our own photography using experts in the field. Each campaign was a joint outstanding effort of creative minds, food stylists and social media experts, designed and executed to create a community of loyal customers. Our work went beyond the creative side of things: we became health coaches


Every aspect of the communication strategy was based on the new mood, with all the various tools working together organically, from the multilayer campaigns to the individual focuses (seasonal or on a product) and all the digital editorial content for social media (Facebook and Instagram editorial plans). This synergy was reminiscent of the past when we would take the brand on tour, visiting all the big towns and cities in Italy, trying to engage directly with customers. The company made its TV debut with an all-female television ad: in a couple of clips we showed the versatility of the target audience and underlined the importance of a positive lifestyle with plant-based food.

The transition from a food to a lifestyle brand has happened, the public has grown and grown loyal.