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After having decided on the brand positioning and brand identity, the creative team at Life turned its attention to developing all the visual and communication material for Piacere Mio!®. The first step was to think of an original and memorable name that would reflect the personality of the product: after extensive analysis and research, we came up with Piacere Mio!®

The name Piacere Mio!® is accompanied by the positioning tagline “Pronti a conquistarti” (Ready to win you over) which, being short and to the point, communicates the main features of this range of frozen ready meals, while promising an innovative product which is different from all the others.

Before developing the logo and brand packaging, Life carried out in-depth research into the competitors to understand how a product could stand out from the others on a supermarket shelf. It collected together different images, typefaces and photographs on mood boards to identify the most impactful artwork and analysed the organisation and visual hierarchy of the content, how understandable it was and the visibility of the logo.

The idea for our packaging design was to give maximum visibility to the Piacere Mio! logo®, ingredients and pictures of the dishes with shots from above, enhancing the food elements as much as possible with simple but creative, original and functional artwork. To ensure each product in the range was recognisable, we decided to give each one its own colour palette and different artwork and photography.


The pivotal element of the advertising campaign to launch the brand was an ad based on the tagline promise. The idea was to portray a number of different situations - representing the different target groups - with a light-hearted and memorable tone of voice to show the unexpected and amusing reactions of people who have been won over by Piacere Mio!®..

After deciding on the subject of the ad, Life guided the client throughout the production process, helping them choose the most suitable partners to tell the story of Piacere Mio!®, single-portion frozen meals that can be enjoyed any time of the day, with efficacy, emotion and originality.

The launch of the advertising campaign was supported by constant activity on Piacere Mio!’s® social media channels, with features and editorial plans aimed at building empathy with the different target audiences, keeping content simple and in line with their needs, and maintaining a direct and light-hearted tone of voice.

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