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There are many dairies in Emilia Romagna who produce fresh cheeses and, in particular, Squacquerone di Romagna DOP. Our client, Caseificio Comellini, is one of them and has been in the business for over 40 years, working closely with local producers and suppliers on a daily basis.

The family’s artisan tradition and entrepreneurial spirit have driven the company’s growth over the years and today it produces quality fresh cheeses which are sold in shops and mass retail, as well as for private labels.

Comellini approached Life with an exciting challenge: to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses and then define its communication

assets and set up a strategy involving specific touchpoints that would marry the brand’s qualities with the end consumer’s needs.


To create a solid foundation for the brand’s development, we started with an in-depth and detailed survey, consulting market research and analysing Nielsen data.

What emerged was a ‘snapshot’ of consumer and market trends and how they behaved in the different distribution channels. This, together with a qualitative analysis of the competitors, Comellini’s performance and identification of the target audience, showed us the direction to take.

The first step was to create a distinctive and instantly recognisable brand position using communication and brand architecture which would give value to the company’s identity and products.

We also defined the initial touchpoints and the hero product which for Comellini is, without a doubt, its Squacquerone di Romagna DOP, a unique, creamy, fresh cheese which embodies excellence, quality and regional character and conveys it with simplicity and flavour.


The different departments at Life pooled their knowledge and expertise to dramatically restyle the Comellini brand image: we started by redesigning the old logo and inventing a positioning tagline. Next we worked on the packaging of all the products in the range, created the new website and developed the Facebook content strategy, including management, page moderation and a social media ads strategy. Last but not least, we curated all the trade and consumer press office activities and media relations.

The aim of all our creative and strategic decisions was to convey product premiumness, the artisan tradition and entrepreneurial spirit of Comellini, and its close and indissoluble bond with its region and its players: the local suppliers and producers.

Soon the shelves in shops and supermarkets were stocked with products of a brand whose offerings and values struck a chord with consumers: quality, craftsmanship and know-how typical of the Emilia Romagna region.

Next year Comellini and Life will continue to develop its communication touchpoints to further widen and strengthen the relationship between brand and consumer.

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