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Opened in 2001 by the Cremonini Group, Roadhouse was the first chain of steakhouses in Italy. Today it has 154 restaurants and serves a first-class variety of dishes with an excellent quality-price ratio in an informal setting that is suitable for the whole family. Roadhouse has been Life’s client since 2014 and together they have faced the many challenges of the evolving food market which, in the past few years in particular, has witnessed great changes.

The first challenge was to create a single, recognisable identity for the Roadhouse restaurants, with a distinctive positioning which would help them stand out from the competition and overturn the widespread perception in Italy that restaurant chains do not offer quality products or experiences. The promising opportunities for growth of the Roadhouse brand, together 

with the agency’s strategic and communication skills, took Roadhouse from a steakhouse chain to a benchmark in Italy for family restaurants. How did we reach these goals and, more important, how did we better them afterwards? Together, like we always do.


In the years since we started working together, Life has guided Roadhouse management in all its strategic and repositioning decisions. The first one was to work on brand positioning, inserting restaurant in the descriptor and extending communication to the world of casual dining: while the focus was still on meat, more items were added to the menu for a wider and more varied offering. The quality-price ratio and the family-friendly locations were also two key drivers in the building of a new, solid and lasting identity.

To share the new positioning of the Roadhouse restaurants with the different target groups, Life worked vertically with communication, going for a more realistic approach with beautiful, mouth-watering, impeccable pictures of food which always, however, looked real and not straight out of a glossy magazine. It also introduced a new ironic and distinctive tone of voice both in brand and promotional communication.

This new brand identity was promoted in the restaurants, on social media, with digital marketing activities and important advertising campaigns and television ads, the first time Roadhouse had actually advertised nationwide and this had a great impact on brand awareness.

Life continued to work on brand equity, using mainly digital communication tools, to promote customer loyalty while promoting the brand’s values, not only focussing on the quality and price of its products, but on values which turn a meal into an immersive experience.

Using famous faces from the world of sport and entertainment, like Gregorio Paltrinieri and Michelle Hunziker, Life created ads which were instrumental in strengthening the consistency and awareness of Roadhouse.


In 2019 the need - and opportunity - arose to revisit the brand’s positioning to align it with the ever-changing needs of the market which demanded products which not only offered quality but also value for money. After carrying out research, analyses and extensive creative work, Life developed a new positioning for Roadhouse which is summed up in the tagline Ti conviene mangiar bene (It pays to eat well), underlining the value for money, convenience and quality of its restaurants using warm, flawless visuals accompanied by an ironic and biting tone of voice.

With the outbreak of Covid-19, attention shifted to its takeaway and delivery services, implementing digital tools and services which could be used on the website and app, with Life curating the look and feel and UX. The introduction of structured digital one-to-one communication also gave very interesting results for Roadhouse, leading to an increase in customer loyalty.