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How much can listening to the online community help a brand evolve and widen its target audience? How can it optimize its communication strategy? Web listening, a tool we regularly use for the brands in our portfolio, enables us to gather information to make more informed decisions, starting with the definition of the most suitable digital strategy.

For our client Sojasun, by monitoring social media and all the digital touchpoints activated for the brand, it emerged that the community’s range of interests had widened and that the target audience had therefore changed. Thanks to continuous analysis of online sentiment  using dedicated tools, and close monitoring of 

web conversations involving the brand, we were able to identify a larger target group. This group no longer consisted purely of people with a keen interest in the vegetarian diet, but people who were interested in all aspects of their health, including what they ate. 

The facts gathered from the Internet were reassessed and compared with specific GFK TSSP data about the brand. This confirmed that the target audience we needed to reach out to was consumers who cared about wellbeing more generally, people not only interested in a healthy, well-balanced vegetarian diet but in trying something new. Entertaining, aesthetics and the pleasure of preparing food were central issues. 


Sojasun’s new public was very digital oriented, it was active on social media, used the Internet throughout the day for information, to send and receive emails, exchange messages, watch video content and films, listen to streamed music (source GFK TSSP). Bearing this in mind, we revised the brand’s digital strategy, increasing the number channels we used and strengthening our presence on strategic touchpoints.

Our analysis of web reputationand online sentiment also confirmed the target group was active on specific social media, such as Instagram, where many conversations took place about the brand and a lot of UGC (User Generated Content) was published featuring the brand’s products.

Reformulating and refreshing the digital strategy was essential to ensure effective communication and to allow us to exploit the full potential of the online world. We developed all touchpoints: we widened our social media strategy, created a blog of the brand, drew up an email marketing plan, digital advertising, programmatic and influencer marketing.


Throughout the whole of 2020, we formulated and implemented a digital project which included refreshing the content strategy on the brand’s official pages and profiles and developing multichannel storytelling with ambassadors and influencers.

The digital communication strategy also featured an ambassador who shared the brand’s values and communication objectives and a panel of influencers who contributed to the project with wellbeing-related content.

Despite the difficulties we all faced in 2020, from the very first months we reaped the fruits of our labours with an increase of numerous KPIs: engagement rate, fan base, interactions on public channels and interest shown by users for the content we discussed, increase in UGC and website traffic are just some of the performance indicators we monitored.