Dr.Max: introducing a new concept of pharmacy

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Dr.Max is a chain of pharmacies owned by Czech group Penta Investments with a workforce of over 17,000 in eight European states, including Italy, a rapidly expanding market which already has 21 pharmacies nationwide.

Life has been the brand’s strategic and operational communication development partner since 2020, creating all its in-store materials and managing its social media presence. Its brief was to raise the profile of Dr. Max’s already unique and distinctive identity as an innovator in the world of health and wellbeing, thanks to its professionalism, dedicated services and low, affordable prices all year round.

The challenge was to create a clear, distinctive and appealing message to convey this new concept of pharmacy, a reference point for local communities 

with consistently low, discounted prices on over 6000 top brand products in a great many product categories, expert and friendly staff offering straightforward personalised advice and medical and beauty care services.


Life set to work right away on rebranding all the pharmacies bought by the brand and developing their in-store materials, focusing primarily on video and digital formats, delivering increasingly smart communication that meets the needs of all its customers.

Alongside management of the in-store material, Life designed and developed all the brand’s advertising campaigns and promotional materials – starting from the concept through to the graphic and visual layout – such as the flyer advertising all the special offers in a clear and rational way.

Multi-channel media planning was used strategically to raise brand awareness and give visibility to each new shop opening and, at the same time, support commercial operations with the twofold objective of stimulating drive-to-store and customer loyalty.


Social and digital channels were key tools to build a new, effective and engaging communication strategy for Dr. Max’s identity. With this in mind, Life set to work restyling the brand’s website,

targeting two groups with totally different needs simultaneously: the B2B target, to encourage acquisition of new pharmacies and attract new professionals to the group, and the B2C target to convey the brand’s core values and raise awareness and interest in its exclusive customer promotions.

Life also manages the Dr. Max Facebook page, developing monthly editorial plans with engaging edutainment and seasonal content, as well as campaigns designed to deliver messages tailored to specific, selected and limited target groups in such a way as to make its pharmacies a daily destination for everyone.