Enhancing the experience with technology

System Integration


In 2014 Life launched Roadhouse’s digital takeaway service. The aim was to integrate an e-commerce service with the running of the kitchens using the existing software package. We used technology to seamlessly merge very different areas and structures, including the loyalty programme, management of takings, the store locator and the available slots in the kitchen.

Digital architecture that can guarantee faultless communication on all fronts is key to creating a functional and efficient platform and this is precisely the added value that Life brings to complex, important projects such as this.


After four years of successful online business, Roadhouse decided to refresh the user experience of its takeaway service. It came to Life with a brief for a complete redesign, including the technical side of things with the Zucchetti TCPOS system which is installed in the cash tills of its 154 restaurants.

While the previous UX was intended for the widest possible public without distinction - where the priority was to generate new business - this new version was aimed more specifically at the brand’s more frequent diners to increase customer loyalty.

With this project, Life took the Roadhouse experience into the digital age. Everything, from the meticulous organisation of the order and its preparation to estimating delivery times and then the actual enjoyment of the meal, was optimised and made more accessible and personal, altering the customer’s perception and use of the brand and its services.

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