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A new concept of credit

Findomestic, one of the most important financial institutions specialised in consumer credit in Italy, is a long-term client of Life who, as its strategic partner, provides a host of services ranging from direct marketing to developing tools and solutions for its sales network.

It is our job to ensure the company is both effective and strategic in its communication, strengthening the relationship with its clients and creating a unique brand experience, from the first contact with a prospect to cultivating the lead with CRM activities.

Findomestic sees itself as more than just a financial partner, someone who wants to help its clients realise their personal projects and dreams: the perception of lending is evolving and instalments are no longer seen as an advantageous payment option but an informed decision in the family budget. So communication needs to be clear, well-defined, direct and engaging.


The one-to-one strategy proposed by Life focuses on personalised communication, building an ongoing relationship of trust with people who take out Findomestic loans by effective and targeted use of direct marketing tools: monthly campaigns focussing on different solutions that meet the needs of the client portfolio.


Life also handles B2B relations with banks and in-store material promoting consumer credit for Findomestic’s retail partners, developing the most effective tools for each project, including gadgets, POP materials, events and sales presentations.

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