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Italgelatine® is a well-known brand in the professional pastry making sector, a name synonymous with quality and high standards. Since its establishment more than 50 years ago, Italgel has made a reputation for itself as a leading manufacturer of gelatine and hydrolyzed collagen, playing a leading role on global markets thanks to the success of its exports to over 40 countries all round the world.

 Gelecta perfect pastry texture

An ingredient as specific as gelatine for pastry making has remained substantially the same over the years and this is where Italgel saw an opportunity: can a product such as this be improved and realise its greatest potential?

Why make gelatine when it can be used as it is in recipes? As is, as required, when needed, in such a way as to obtain the right consistency in each dish and achieve optimal texture.

When Italgel contacted Life, the goal was important but clear: change people’s way of thinking of gelatine in pastry making.

It was not simply a product launch but a matter of changing habits, revolutionising the way gelatine is used in chefs’ kitchens and pastry making workshops.


The journey Life embarked on with Italgel began with the creation of a well-defined product identity, coming up with the name, logo, tagline and packaging design. To get the technical aspects across, on the other hand, we developed an extremely detailed brochure using a narrative process illustrating the product, its practical applications and creative recipes.

And so GELECTA, the first Active Powder Gelatin, was born.

Speaking to professionals at one of their most challenging moments

Gelecta’s target groups are chefs and haute cuisine pastry makers guided by distributors and buyers specialising in pastry making and food services in a market encompassing Europe, America and Asia. The situation, however, was complicated by the pandemic which has paralysed the whole Ho.Re.Ca sector across the world since 2020. It is a challenge within a challenge: how do you create product demand in a new market at this particular moment in history when neither in-person appointments nor international travel are allowed?

Online of course, organising webinars in partnership with distributors and professional catering schools with the support of an exceptional brand ambassador, World Pastry Cup winner Francesco Boccia. Our approach to content production for the webinars was a full video strategy made up of video teasers, 2 masterclasses and 5 video clips. And all in five languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French and Korean.

A full digital launch

For the project launch we activated a range of digital touchpoints: a one-page site on open source CMS, DEM and WhatsApp invitation, a webinar broadcasting platform for live streaming and a mail automation system.

Perfect texture conquers the web

Life accompanied the web launch of the new Gelecta brand with a clear and intuitive one-page showcase site based on an open source CMS with a customised layout to meet brand image needs and guarantee the best possible user experience. All this was geared to ensuring the brand's web presence and acquiring profiled leads, thanks to a contact form linked to a marketing platform.

Online masterclasses: brand equity and lead acquisition

Life worked alongside Italgel to design and implement a communication strategy involving its supply chain stakeholders and distributors to raise awareness of the Gelecta brand among sector professionals and acquire profiled contacts.

An online Masterclass was therefore scheduled for each distributor, tailored to their commercial network and advertised by email marketing, instant messaging and interactive PDFs.

After registering, each lead was entered into an event-specific marketing automation system. The webinar broadcasting platform enabled the masterclasses to be managed in a straightforward manner, thanks to simple, intuitive direction to stream the content live and on demand.

The numbers

In just 10 days, over 20 online masterclasses involving distributors from all over Italy were organised. The project will continue with other masterclasses in other countries: Spain, France, Belgium, Korea and now the Netherlands, Greece, Portugal and Germany.... to be continued!

Online masterclass
scheduled in just 10 days


Qualified and profiled leads
acquired for each Masterclass


Average participation LIVE


Average participation
in replay and on-demand


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