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Life was called in to help Mec3, Giuso, Pernigotti and Modecor become a group and find the right positioning and identity in an increasingly complex global marketplace. It was tasked with finding common ground among these four successful but very different companies, each with its own distinctive character, and expressing their essence through a single, shared identity.

How do you go about creating a group identity which promotes a sense of belonging while acknowledging each of the individual companies?

This is the story of Casa Optima Group.


The process which led to the creation of Casa Optima Group began with a joint working group, formed to determine the vision, mission, promise and reason why of the new group. Thanks to close teamwork and extensive collaboration between Life and the four companies, researching and analysing the reference market, competitors and target audience, we defined a highly distinctive, shared mission statementmaking life sweeter together every day.


Together we drew up a list of five words to express brand equity: authenticityglocalenergyenthusiasm and respect. We chose these key words as the starting point to communicate the essence, offerings and dedication of the companies involved and they were soon adopted by all the partners as the philosophy to guide their mindset and behaviour.

The new brand identity, established through the dedicated website, and an institutional video endorsed the creation of this new group which represents Italian excellence worldwide.

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