Life grows, evolves and gets a new look.


Life continues to grow and, after announcing its new smart working model for all its 50 employees, it has unveiled its new identity, with a rebranding strategy involving its tagline, logo and website.

Independent Thinking is the new tagline chosen by Life to convey the driving force behind the company’s growth and the approach it takes when looking at the world and creating value for brands.

The new logo is an innovative choice, as it associates the brand with a ping pong bat, an unusual symbol for the world of communication but a visual image that successfully captures its new positioning. A bat has two sides and therefore represents Life’s dual identity - its strategic and creative character which is complemented by its digital and technological expertise.

The first touchpoint for Life’s new image is the website, whose artwork and contents have been given a fresh new look, reflecting the latest trends in web design and conveying the many sides of Life, with its services, skills and professional team. Space is dedicated to “independent voices” in its blog Inspo (Independent Inspirations), where Independent Thinking can express itself to the full: it is a source of inspiration for curious, get-up-and-go people looking for the latest updates and new ideas and solutions. It is a place for expressing opinions and reflecting on the latest development and dynamics in the world of communication, penned by the Life team.