The first Pescanova communication campaign by Life gets under way

The first Pescanova communication campaign by Life gets under way

For the very first time in its history, Pescanova, the global frozen seafood brand, decided to present its brand on the Italian market and it decided to enlist the experience and creative talent of Life to do it. Life was ready to take up the challenge and created and delivered a television campaign to launch the brand’s hero product: Argentine red shrimp.

Life’s campaign is based on a creative concept which elevates not only the quality of the product but also the consumer experience. The concept was designed to turn a moment in our everyday lives into a surprising, fun and, most important of all, spectacular narrative: what do you feel when you cook and eat Pescanova Argentine red shrimps?

The first part of the ad uses the tabletop technique to narrate Pescanova’s Argentine red shrimps and draw attention to their unique qualities: an original mechanical robotic arm, combined with a high speed camera, presents the product in a compelling, mouth-watering way.

“We chose Life, who turned out to be the ideal partner for the project, as they came up with a campaign which combined the flavour and unique features of our product with our corporate identity” - explained Silvia Bergamini, Marketing Manager of Pescanova Italia - “The tone of voice in both the TV ad and the shorter digital campaign was consistent with the campaigns we had already run abroad and together we delivered a creative offering that was as fresh as our shrimps”.

The campaign saw some very productive and effective teamwork: after defining the creative content with Pescanova, Life managed the work flow and coordinated all the production stages, working alongside the Milanese production company Perigeo and Havas Media Group, which was responsible for the media planning.

The ad, on air from 5 December on generalist and thematic TV channels, has a 30- and 15-second format but is shorter for digital media. With these different formats, Italians will now be able to enjoy the pleasure of Pescanova on their tables and TVs.