Life’s tailor-made digital strategy for Opera La Pera!

Thanks to its analytical and strategic approach and its creativity and integrated vision, Life has landed itself a new client: the Opera Consortium, the Italian Fruit Growers Organisation specialised in the cultivation of pears. Following its successful pitch, Life has been tasked with creating and managing the consortium’s digital communication.

Now Life’s digital team, led by Elisa Bersani, is ready to start its coordinated and integrated digital storytelling to communicate the values and the process involved in cultivating Opera La Pera! pears. The 14 members of the consortium bring many decades of experience to the table, ensuring the utmost care and attention in each stage of the pear’s production cycle, from cultivation to selection, packaging and the consumer.

Life will craft the website and social media - Facebook and Instagram - web marketing (mainly SEO and SEA) and branded content marketing to deliver a compelling, educational, cultural and engaging narrative to illustrate the rigorous journey that La Pera! – no ordinary pear – undergoes from the orchard to the table.

“Despite a very difficult year due to the sharp decline in production, the Opera Consortium decided to continue its investment in communication, with a new strategy to strengthen our digital presence: a touchpoint whose importance and relevance in the promotion of pears and their supply chain are key. Following a selection process, coordinated in partnership with our external consultant Outcome, where the leading media agencies in Italy pitched their ideas, we decided to go with Life. What struck us most about Life was its ability to interpret our brief in exactly the right way and its bid was successful thanks to a series of assets, including its fresh, eye-catching creative concept, the expertise of the team involved in the project and, last but not least, its flexibility in meeting our needs. We are confident that this new partnership will help us reach consumers and illustrate all the “extra-special reasons” for choosing an Opera® pear!” said Federica Scinocca, Marketing Manager of the Opera Consortium.

All social media management, SEO, SEA and branded content activities will begin in November.