A stronger, more recognisable identity for Dermon packaging

The dermocosmetics brand of the alfasigma group chooses life to reset the guidelines for its new identity: logo restyling, new concept, new packaging and stakeholder advertising.

Dermon, a brand with 40 years’ experience supplying pharmacies with pioneering, innovative skincare products, approached Life to handle a major restyling of its image. One of the agency’s first tasks was to analyse the brand’s competitors and study its positioning, later defining a strategy that would differentiate the brand and raise awareness among stakeholders, pharmacists and consumers. The goal was to build a new image around the brand’s core values: essential products for sensitive skin, 100% tested formulas and transparent information.

As part of the new strategy, Life restyled the logo, the coordinated image and, most importantly, the new packaging, ready for the launch of the new range Dermon: Essential dermocosmetics.

The new packaging communicates the brand’s renewed image with its stronger, more defined and easily recognisable identity, whose aim is not only to make the products stand out on the shelf, thanks to their fresher, more eye-catching look and feel, but to assist consumers in a real and responsible way. The packaging anticipates the needs of consumers and the questions going through their minds as they examine the many products on the shelf, and then gives them the answers, helping them make an informed choice. 

A different pastel colour – blue, green and pink – was chosen for each product range – cleansing, hydration and intimate washing - to convey the extensive selection of a brand whose mission is to deliver essential, gentle skincare products.

To raise awareness of the brand and endorse Dermon as a market leader, Life also organised a new advertising campaign to mark the relaunch of the brand and the new Extra Sensitive product range.