The Trentingrana rebels take TV by storm

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Trentingrana, the Consorzio dei Caseifici Sociali Trentini (Consortium of Trentino Dairy Cooperatives), produces top-quality local dairy products from the Trentino valleys, whose flavour and wholesomeness are one of its main assets. They approached Life with a challenge: to come up with a global rebranding and communication strategy to relaunch the consortium. They wanted to connect with a wider audience, reaching out not only to its long-standing consumers but to a younger target group of purchasing managers looking for quality products.

The theme of the new “Rebels by nature” campaign is respect, respect for nature, time and people, emphasizing the importance of dedication in giving the cheeses and butter in the Trentingrana PDO, Formaggi Tradizionali and Burro Trentino ranges their flavour, as they contain no preservatives, GMOs or additives, just pride and milk from the mountains.

The 15- and 30-second ad features the dairy farmers in the consortium with their combative spirit and pride in who they are and what they do, because their work demands great effort and commitment. Trentino is portrayed as beautiful yet unforgiving. There are no shortcuts for these farmers, just one golden rule: respect for nature and its rhythms and the powerful and sublime region of Trentino.


As well as creating the TV ad, Life also curates media planning, scheduling more than 1000 airings of the ad throughout the day on Mediaset and Discovery Italia over a four-week period. To support this, the ad will also be broadcast on the main on demand platforms (DiscoveryPlus, MediasetPlay, RaiPlay) and lifestyle, news and food digital platforms. New flights are planned for 2022, as well as brand integration on Food Network during the programme “L’Italia a Morsi”.