Granarolo 2.0: serving up excellence in the kitchen!

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Granarolo enlisted Life’s help with a tough challenge: to restyle and update the packaging of the brand which, thanks to years in mass retail, is a household name, giving it a more up-to-date aesthetic that would underline the quality of the product.

We analysed each of the concepts that represent Granarolo’s reputation of excellence, starting with the name: because a name has the power to establish identity and convey quality in the most direct and explicit manner.

We came up with Cucina ad Arte (The Art of Cooking), a name which suggests quality and identifies the range. It refers to the kind of products in the range, has a friendly tone and heightens the perceived value.


To give the name the impact and importance of a logo, we considered a number of different aspects, including the name and shape of the Granarolo trademark, using a stylish typeface and adding a colour which is immediately associated with quality: gold.

The typeface used for the “A” of Granarolo is repeated in the word “Arte”, thus creating an immediate conceptual and visual connection. With these small adjustments, the Granarolo logo becomes a premium logo, more gratifying for those who choose it, still in line with its heritage but in a 2.0 version that caters to 2020 consumers.


We then turned our attention to the packaging, keeping the signature features of the brand (the famous drop pattern and the logo) but introducing new colours and placing them in a more eye-catching coordinated image which is instantly recognisable on the shelf. The packaging conveys the idea of premiumness and freshness while conjuring up the image we have of typical Italian cooking, thanks mainly to the details: the pattern associated with Granarolo is placed alongside a classic, luxurious marble worktop, giving the consumer the impression of being in the kitchen.

Lastly, the photography plays a key part: by using a split screen effect, we see the product before and after use, on its own and then incorporated into a recipe, underlining quality while stimulating flavour and creativity.


Granarolo also asked Life to create the packaging and name for its Ho.Re.Ca. range. The aim? To differentiate the brand, starting with its name, in a sector of professional products which are indiscriminately called “Professional”. To promote the Granarolo range and make it unique, Life chose formulas which, as well as appealing to the reference sector and target group, also convey efficacy, performance and first-class service.

Extensive research into competitors helped us establish Granarolo’s position in this segment and led us to choose the name “Expert”, using a single word to define the positioning of the range. Clear, direct and impactful, Expert describes the brand’s mission and conveys the concept of professionalism and excellence.

When developing the packaging for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, we decided to focus on elegance, expertise and leadership, key values which help differentiate this artwork from that of its B2C products, while still reminding consumers of it: the colour palette of this range is reminiscent of the Granarolo turquoise and all the packaging features the tone-on-tone drop pattern to convey and perpetuate the heritage of the brand.

The use of photography is the most obvious reference to the professional culinary world. The images portray chefs and cooks at work using the product on the packaging: for the first time, it is the act of cooking, and not the ingredient, which defines the function and quality of the product.

Last but not least, the packaging features elegant typography, using clear, minimal sans serif for the name of the product and a gold handwritten font for its uses.