Showcasing Italian ice cream in three unique events

Experience & Innovation


The Casa Optima Group brings together four different companies, offering professionals in the ‘sweet’ business the very best in artisan ice cream, fine patisserie, professional decorations and beverages.

Life accompanied the Group in its initial creation, including the definition of its brand identity.

In such unprecedented times as those of the Covid-19 pandemic, which have forced us to rethink traditional communication models, the Casa Optima Group approached us with a new challenge: to come up with an exciting, unconventional alternative to its regular attendance at Sigep, the leading international trade show in the sector, to present the latest offerings of the three main companies in the Group - Mec3, Giuso and Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani -  to clients, partners and the specialised press.


The main objectives were to present each of the brand’s new 2021 products in a way that would make an impact, sending a signal of stability, confirming the Group’s market leadership and showing it was still reactive worldwide, despite the difficult times. In other words, the aim was to offer an immersive, engaging, remote customer experience that would reach and involve even more professionals in its target group than previous editions of Sigep had.


Life accepted the challenge, developing 100% digital events which could be watched live by the clients of the three companies and on demand by anyone else who was interested: “E-Vent” for Mec3, “Digital Event” for Giuso and “Un Nuovo Viaggio” for Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri Italiani. We coordinated all the activities and the people involved both in the three companies and the external professionals involved in the operational and technical aspects of the project.


The first step was to come up with a key concept for each event, which would convey the identity, history and know-how of each of the companies.
For MEC3 we created a concept that showcased its innovation, research, creativity and quality, for Giuso we focused on the excellence of its ingredients and, lastly, for Pernigotti Maestri Gelatieri we worked on the concept of travelling to source the best ingredients.


Taking the communication concepts as its starting point, Life created all the content, including the logos, taglines, theme tunes and jingles, ready for Màgina, the external production company tasked with producing the events, to step in.

Life was also responsible for the dedicated graphic design for the online broadcasts, the video spots and the artwork to personalise the platform that would show each of the recorded events.

We also developed and produced all the content for the new products of each of the companies (such as catalogues and advertising), starting from the concept we had come up with for their products and ranges. We also oversaw all the digital promotional activities before and after the three events.


The numbers speak for themselves: the number of prospect contacts was dramatically higher than for the previous edition of Sigep held just before the beginning of the pandemic. Once again, Life proved to be an effective all-round strategic partner for the Casa Optima Group.