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Life has been the strategic communication partner of Essse Caffè, Italian leader in the Ho.Re.Ca sector and espresso specialist, since 2012.

Essse Caffè approached Life because it wanted to restyle its brand, positioning and image. The team at Life also worked on the creation of integrated campaigns, the website and e-commerce platform, contributing to the design and artwork of the espresso system, stores, merchandising and corporate and B2B material.

The first priority was to make the logo instantly recognisable by simplifying it.

We redesigned the logo, using the same font and colour, but we enlarged it to give it greater visual impact and draw attention to its signature element, the S, made up of irregularly shaped coffee beans, which was particularly dear to the brand’s founder, Mr Segafredo.

Our next task was to restyle the product lines.

Essse Caffè produces ground coffee, pods and capsules, as well as other beverages and accessories such as sugar sachets, toppings, coffee machines etc. Life studied and coordinated the image of all these products, giving each range its own distinctive personality while aligning it with the world of Essse Caffè, its essence and communication style.

After working on the coordinated image of Essse Caffè and its ranges, we turned our attention to the creative strategy. Our aim was to convey the company’s three core values which sum up its philosophy which, in turn, is based on experience and innovation. Scienza (Science), Sapienza (Knowledge) and Specializzazione (Specialisation), the three S’s in the name.


To tell the story of Essse Caffè, its quality and brand values, Life decided to define a positioning that focused on the one feature that gives the product the edge over its competitors - persistence. In 2014 it used a music metaphor in its advertising campaign A lingering note of pleasure to express this. In 2018 it launched a new advertising campaign It doesn’t end when it ends, which focused once again on persistence and people’s habits when drinking coffee.


An important part of Essse Caffè’s philosophy is to provide the bars which serve its coffee with items of furnishing and merchandising to increase their loyalty and convey the quality and values of the brand to the public. Life designed and produced four different furnishing collections. Modular wall panels with a warm and emotional look and feel which express the world of Essse Caffè through different images.

To further customise interiors, it developed a design for cups, saucers, clothing and all the POP material. Essse Caffè became an all-round experience. Each goal we reached was a key stage on a journey which saw the agency and the brand working side by side to deliver a joint strategic vision.