Dispensa Emilia becomes an app

Web Site & App
UX, UI, web design
User Interface Design
Custom app

Developing an app for Dispensa Emilia meant adopting a multichannel strategy and providing notifications regarding the services offered on a number of different levels. The application features multiple marketing strategies and communication aims in a single tool, offering unique and highly differentiated services for its users. 

Multiple features, one tool

Customers can use the app to order takeaway food, pay using prepaid electronic cards or directly at the restaurant when they pick up their order and join a loyalty programme

There are also accessory functions, like the Store Locator, which helps you find the store closest to you, a one-to-one communication system and personalised prizes.

To ensure these services worked as synergically and smoothly as possible in terms of user experience, we created a tool whose functions were intuitive and simple. The app is also fully integrated with the Dispensa Emilia management software, thus becoming an essential asset for the company.