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Since November 2020, the Press Office and Media Relations Department of Life has been working alongside CVing, an up-and-coming digital e-recruiting agency in Italy.

CVing helps businesses headhunt talented candidates, using on demand video interviews. In the video interviews, candidates get the chance to connect with recruiters who can view, assess and share them on a single platform.


Life works on a daily basis, supporting CVing management in its accreditation with the press. We organise one-to-one interviews and a detailed editorial plan, including dedicated press releases aimed at raising the profile of both the digital recruiting agency and its flagship “product”, Digital Talent Week, the first annual digital career fair, with 14 events scheduled throughout 2021.

In fewer than 4 months after coming on board, we have expanded CVing’s visibility in the leading national and local dailies and on and offline vertical publications with over 220 articles to its name.