An e-learning platform for more inclusive education

Oltre 7.000 scuole coinvolte nella formazione sulla dislessia attraverso la piattaforma di e-learning sviluppata da Life per Associazione Italiana Dislessia-AID

The Dislessia Amica training programme run by Associazione Italiana Dislessia (AID) in conjunction with Fondazione TIM, sponsor and promoter of the project, and the Italian Ministry of Education, in which 84% of Italian schools took part, is coming to an end. 7182 state-run schools accessed the e-learning platform from 2016 to 2021 for teacher training on learning difficulties.

Life is proud to have been part of this project, developing the e-learning platform, and extremely satisfied with the results.

But let’s start at the beginning. Life teamed up with AID in 2016, heralding the start of a rewarding partnership and a challenging project. The brief was to develop a training course designed to broaden teachers’ methodological, educational, operational and organisational knowledge to create a truly inclusive learning experience for children with SLDs. The challenge was to reach the largest number of teachers possible across Italy and give them the tools and skills required to understand and manage learning difficulties.

Life transformed this challenge into a real e-learning programme: Dislessia Amica, and worked alongside AID, Fondazione TIM and the Ministry of Education for over a year on research and application.

The Life digital team developed the e-learning platform on its proprietary CMS – which was designed specifically to create custom projects for individual firms – and structured the website, processing and organising large volumes of data and information so they could easily be accessed by teachers on PCs, tablets and smartphones using an extremely user-friendly system. Lastly, a control panel monitored project progress, providing national insights.

The final results came through in 2021: over 235,000 teachers have successfully completed the two training courses - Dislessia Amica and the advanced Dislessia Amica Livello Avanzato - totalling around 8 million hours of training on SLDs.

For AID and Life it is an important milestone as regards raising awareness of learning difficulties which affect around 2 million people in Italy and training teachers to deal with them.