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One of the top names in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector for more than 40 years, Surgital produces over 10 brands of top-quality frozen fresh pasta and ready meals. The company has always had a very precise vision: to take first-class products into kitchens around the globe thanks to its know-how.

Surgital chose Life as its communication partner, giving us the job of coming up with new tools and strategies to raise its leadership status in the food sector.


Our partnership began with the restyling of the packaging of the Fiordiprimi® brand whose products are used in the express catering and bar sector. As well as rethinking the packaging, Life suggested a new approach and tone of voice to draw attention to the unique features of the range, namely the quality of the product and service.

These basic guidelines were then creatively adapted to POP materials (menu boards, place mats, coasters, etc.), trade materials (panels for trade show stands, product catalogues, advertising, roll-up banners, etc.) and special projects such as the Fiordiprimi® Academy (course manual, videos, panels and workstations) through ongoing, synergic brand management. 

Fiordiprimi® became the gatekeeper that led Life to take on board new projects: from the development of the website to the creation of the Piacere Mio!® brand for the mass retail sector and even more complex and structured special projects.

THE DEBUT OF THE WEB CHANNEL is the platform that defines all aspects of the brand’s communication: as well as acting as a showcase for the company’s products, it is a channel which, through specially compiled product catalogues, the creation of a specific language for each brand, a reserved area and continuous blog posts, is laying the foundations for a powerful web presence. The brand is becoming more important and meaningful, a truly authoritative voice for its stakeholders both on and offline, thanks to its digital activities which will be intensified significantly throughout 2021.


Since 2019, Life has developed the social media strategies and content for the company’s channels: its FB, IG and LinkedIn profiles, as well as the Fiordiprimi IG profile. Its communication is multichannel, stratified and challenging, with appropriate content for the different target audiences and, alongside its solutions for its core business (frozen fresh pasta), it offers reflections and features on different aspects of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. 


As well as the ongoing management of its web platform and social media channels, Life has organised a number of special projects for Surgital. One such project, Fermento, was launched to respond in a positive and decisive manner to the lockdown in April 2020, following the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the whole food service sector severely affected by the repercussions of the emergency, Surgital decided to use its know-how and nationwide presence to provide tools and strategies to help businesses get up and running again. It chose digital channels as its preferred communication touchpoints as they are so versatile. 


Fermento set itself three important goals: strengthen the feeling of belonging to the company, provide new tools for the sales force, suggest points of view and smart, practical tips for starting back up after lockdown. Different multi-level strategies were used to support and achieve each goal, including a customised sales and safety kit for the sales force and specially designed signage for inside the company.

We also decided to use the Whatsapp Business channel to share information and updates with co-workers and agents, and produce dedicated communication materials for social media, newsletters and blog posts to share tips and solutions for the Ho.Re.Ca sector. Lastly, we created materials that could be customised by bars and restaurants to allow them to connect with their end customers (flyers, place mats with a QR Code for the menu, posts to publish on the restaurant’s profile to advertise home delivery or takeaway services, social distancing stickers and more). These are just some of the projects undertaken by Life and Surgital in a partnership that is going from strength to strength, identifying and delivering specific services which satisfy both the needs of the company and the scenarios, demands and changes in the sector.