Farewell 2020. Life’s year in 5 points.

Life welcomes 2021 in the hope – shared by all – that it will be a happier year and looks back on 2020.

Although conditioned by the unprecedented and painful effects of the pandemic which is still ongoing, for LIFE 2020 was a year of positive changes and new adventures. 

EVOLUTION: For Life, 2020 signalled a change in its look, positioning and web presence. The new direction was decided mainly to launch its new image which, with the tagline Independent Thinking, conveys the company’s evolution, the driving force behind its growth and the approach it takes when looking at the world and creating value for brands.

BUSINESS INNOVATION: 3 digital events were created and coordinated by Life in 2020. The aim of these projects was to give visibility to businesses who came to us in a year when remote activities and streaming became the norm. First was the presentation to the press of the Goodland project, a temporary e-commerce venture of great social value as it supported hospital staff at Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna. Then the 100% digital event devised, developed and promoted at the beginning of 2021 for the Casa Optima Group, global leader of Italian artisan ice cream and fine patisserie. The third project was the presentation of Gruppo Sae - Sapere Aude Editori Spa, which took place in streaming, launching the industrial strategies of the new Italian publishing group founded at the end of the year.

DEVELOPMENT: 12 important companies chose Life for their new communication projects: Trentingrana, Italjel, Granarolo, Italjet, Gruppo Sae Editori, Dr Max, Gruppo Policlinico Abano, Space, BioIn, Wam Group, BSD, CVing and Dermon.

DIGITALISATION: 50 Life professionals, thanks to the new organisational model, now work 100% at home. This is an achievement the company is extremely proud of because, as well as meeting social distancing rules imposed by the pandemic, the choice heightens the company’s commitment to sustainability and is beneficial for everyone and everything: for the environment with lower consumption and pollution caused by travelling; from a social point of view, with positive repercussions for our professionals who can achieve a better home/work balance; and economically, thanks to lower travelling costs for everyone. 

GROWTH: 4 new strategic figures joined the team: 2 social media managers, 1 digital copywriter and 1 account manager.