How to survive working from home.

Giulia Dall'Olmo Copywriter
We have become smart workers

Let’s be honest, we won’t forget this past year in a hurry. Maybe we never will. Colours have taken on a life of their own, even for those who don’t work with them, words have begun to frighten us, even if we’re not copywriters. We are living out our lives between the four walls of our homes and, if we are lucky, a balcony. 

At Life we became 100% smartworkers a year ago and let’s face it, however great it is to be able to lounge about in pyjamas all day and not have to face the rush hour traffic, every so often a lost Amazon parcel, a WeTransfer we can’t get to download and home schooling can push us over the edge.  

So, whether you’re an account manager, a member of the creative team, a developer or in SMM, what can you do to brighten up your working day when you’re at home?

Here are some tried and tested ideas!


If you’re feeling down,  a quote, caption or caricature is guaranteed to lift your spirits. With Teams it’s really easy to make your colleagues laugh or take the drama out of a tricky situation. 

How’s it done? Go into the chat window, click on the STICKER - MEME button, choose the + and select a PHOTO (possibly in HIGH definition) and write your caption.


Would you rather be on the beach, in the mountains, at Hogwarts or on Mars? Well, with personalised backdrops for your work calls, you can finally be where you want to be, at least in your mind.

Befriend a graphic designer or an art director and together you can create virtual backgrounds for your conference calls. Sizes 2048 x 1152


All of a sudden you realise you miss the typical office sounds that helped you concentrate and reminded you weren’t alone, especially now that the only thing you can hear is the tap dripping and next door’s cat meowing. Someone’s thought of this too. Click imisstheoffice to reproduce typical office noises, so you don’t feel lonely anymore! 


Every so often you need to give your brain a break to stop you chucking your laptop out of the window, so make sure you do it in style and in line with your mood. With quickdraw.withgoogle you can try out your drawing skills and Google’s artificial intelligence will guess what you are drawing. Or do you fancy a more relaxing break? Well, let yourself be hypnotized by puginarug.

If you need to let off steam, smashthewalls is the thing for you. But my all-time favourite when I want to zone out for a while is theuselessweb, a random selection of useless websites, fun landing pages that can be creative or even irreverent but always a great distraction!

These are some tips I’ve collected over the months and even though they’ll never replace gathering around the coffee machine, lunchtime all together in the meeting room and Trilli (Life’s mascot dachshund) running up and down the stairs, they are guaranteed to bring a smile, determination and creativity to your days. Then, of course, there’s always the gin and tonic at the end of the day that I treat myself to, but that’s another story.